Kaspersky Small Office Security | 10 PC+10-Smartphones+1-FS | 1 year | 2023

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Kaspersky Small Office Security | 10 PC+10-Smartphones+1-FS | 1 year | 2023
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Kaspersky Small Office Security 10PC+10Smartphones+1FS 1year

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is the ideal solution for small to medium businesses. Kaspersky's software protects all endpoints within your company. This software can be installed on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Protect your company's sensitive information from threats such as crypto lockers and theft. With Kaspersky's innovative cloud software, you can deploy the software to a new endpoint in no time.

This Kaspersky software may be installed on 1 Server + 10 PCs + 10 Mobile Devices for 1 year. Kaspersky Small Office Security is suitable for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. This software can also be installed on your file servers that have Windows Server.

The advantages of Kaspersky Small Office Security:

  1. The ideal solution for a package that you install and do not need to do anything else
  2. Advanced protection against Ransomware and cryptolockers
  3. Secure online payment on Windows and Mac
  4. Valid for both initial installation and extension.
Important to know for people living in the United Kingdom: Since recently it is no longer possible to activate our Kaspersky licenses within the United Kingdom. We buy all our licenses directly from Kaspersky and these licenses are suitable for activation in all countries within the European Union. Due to the Brexit, the United Kingdom is no longer part of this.

2Go Software negotiates sharply with Kaspersky about the purchase price. By buying in bulk, we deliver original, legitimate software at an attractive price. Quality guaranteed; for example, you can always transfer our licenses to another computer.

Kaspersky Small Office Security - security for companies with 10 computers!

Kaspersky Small Office Security 6 is the security solution for smaller companies. Install Kaspersky Small Office Security on all your devices, after installation you have no further worries. Kaspersky's award-winning anti-malware technology protects your data.

Protects all your devices against malware

With Kaspersky Small Office's award-winning anti-malware technology, your business is optimally protected against all threats. No need to worry about cryptolockers and ransomware, Kaspersky's System Watcher stops cryptolockers and ransomware. When Kaspersky detects this happening, it will immediately backup and restore it after deletion.

Simplifies security, with remote management

Manage the installations from the online management portal. From the portal, send installation links to remote users. Enable or disable functionalities of the software, manually update or start a scan. Get tips from Kaspersky on how to improve device security.

Offers extra protection for internet banking and online payments

Protect every transaction your business makes with Safe Money's multiple layers of security. The Safe Money functionality checks if the website is safe and provides a secure environment. In this environment you are always assured of a safe transaction.

Protects Android devices - through anti-theft and more

External access to systems and information is essential for daily activities. However, serious problems can arise from mobile malware attacks and loss or theft of corporate data phones. Best-in-class security for Android phones and tablets.

Prevents the leakage of company and customer data

"Leaked" data can lead to financial and reputational damage, especially if confidential customer data ends up in the wrong hands. Kaspersky Small Office Security protects valuable and confidential information.

Protects businesses against phishing and internet threats

Internet access is essential for daily business activities. So attacks from the Internet can be a significant threat to the security of a business. Kaspersky Lab's latest internet security protects your business data, computers and mobile devices.

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