Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac | 1 year | Home Use | 1 installation

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Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac | 1 year | Home Use | 1 installation
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Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac

Parallels Desktop 17 is an annual subscription where you can enjoy all Parallels functionalities for one year. Prefer a one-time purchase? Then choose the Parallels Desktop 17 one-time purchase

Combine Parallels Desktop 17 with Windows 10!
Parallels Desktop comes without a Windows 10 license. To get the most out of Parallels, our advice is to combine your purchase with a Windows 10 Retail license: Windows 10 Retail Licenses

Your Windows programs on an Apple computer. It can, and it's easy.

Parallels Desktop 17, so you get more out of your Mac. Apple computers are beautiful, very beautiful. They are quick, easy to use and the screens deliver incredibly beautiful colors and sharpness. But no matter how beautiful they are; there are programs that are only made for Windows. If you are an Apple user then you have probably encountered this. And are you looking for a solid solution? There is! Using Windows 10 on an Apple computer with OSX has never been easier.

Parallels Desktop takes care of that for you. And like the best!

You hardly realize that you are working in a Windows environment. You use the Windows programs but continue to work in your familiar OSX environment. It can't get much better.

Parallels has released an improved version of Parallels Desktop for your Mac again this year! Products of this brand make it easier to access applications and files. Parallels Desktop 17 comes with over 30 new features!

Includes automatic optimization function, nicer graphics, a new interface and better performance. Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac is suitable for 1 user and is valid for 1 year. In addition, the product is available in various languages, including: English, German and Italian.

Please note that you'll need an ARM version of your guest operating system. When you purchase Parallels, we'll include a free Windows 10 Insider Preview that will work (temporarily) on your M1 processor.

By purchasing at 2GO Software you are guaranteed of 100% legitimate software including a installation promise, a step-by-step manual which will assist you with downloading, installing and, activating the software and a team of specialists who are happy to help with any issues that arise!

Parallels Desktop 17 - Now with 30 new and improved functions

Parallels Desktop 17 combines the best of Windows and Mac. Parallels Desktop 17 is the easiest and fastest solution to run Windows and related apps and applications on your Mac. This year, numerous functions have been renewed and improved and Parallels has given extra attention this year to Performance, Graphics and the use of the program itself. Everything to improve the ease of use!

The unique functions of Parallels Desktop 17 summarized

  • Improved and Faster Graphics: Parallels Desktop 17 offers up to 20% faster DirectX graphics1 and improved OpenGL 3 support for both Windows and Linux.!
  • Optimized for Big Sur 11.0: Get 3D support for macOS Big Sur VMs (the first in the world). Run Mac apps like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and many more on macOS VMs
  • Improved Integration: Work confidently on Mac files in Windows using the "Secure Delete Check" so files in shared folders are not inadvertently deleted.
  • DirectX support: From MacOS Mojave on, you can use DirectX, this will make graphics applications run faster!

The advantages of 2GO Software;

  • 100% legitimate software including installation- and activation warranty
  • No automatic renewals or small print
  • 7 days a week available per chat or mail
  • Fully customized manual which will assist you step by step.
  • Free for 2GO Software customers: Online privacy and Security Scanner!

The updated and improved features of Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac - Fast, reliable and easy to use

With the latest and improved features of Parallels Desktop 17, it's now even easier to run Windows on your Mac. Use Windows next to your macOS (without having to restart) on, for example, your iMac or MacBook Pro. But this product is also suitable for your iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Mini or Mac Pro. Share folders and files in an instant, copy and paste images and text and drag these files between the different applications of both Mac and Windows.

Easy Setup

Through the handy detection of Parallels Desktop 17, the program automatically knows what you need to get started. So you are settled within minutes and be able to start using Parallels. If you need Windows, the program will ask you to download and install Windows 10 or choose your existing Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or BootCamp installation.

Ultimate flexibility

Parallels Desktop works without problems with OS X, Windows 10, 8.1 and 7, Google Chrome, Linux, Unix and macOS Server. So you no longer have to choose between your PC or Mac.

Touch Bar

Easily add Windows applications to the Touch Bar for instant access and customization.

One-click tuning

With this handy tool you can now select your productivity, games, design, software testing or development and Parallels Desktop will optimize your VM settings and performance for you.

Instant Access

Makes it easier to launch and access Windows applications from the Mac Dock.

Save Disk Space

With the automatic disk space optimization you get even more from your Mac!

(BONUS) Parallels Toolbox

With Parallels Toolbox you can use more than 30 handy tools for your PC or Mac. The Parallels Toolbox software complements every kind of computer user! Normally you pay one separate app after another, but with Parallels Toolbox this is no longer necessary. All functions specified for this purpose work closely with the operating system of Mac and Windows. This handy toolbox is a must-have for everyone!

(BONUS) Remote Access

Allows remote access to your Mac from any iOS device, Android device or browser.

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